Creative Learning

SPARK’s Creative Learning strand is about inspiring and supporting educators, children and young people through place-based learning, to engage with the rich cultural and artistic landscape within the Wakefield district.

We are an advocate for place-based creative learning and encourage the use of local context, resources and knowledge to frame learning both within and outside the classroom. We support a learning pedagogy that is created in collaboration with local people to meet the needs of local children and young people.

Current Project

Building on the success of SPARK’s 2023 Culture on Your Doorstep programme, in 2024 SPARK are continuing to encourage co-creation between schools and cultural sector organisations and individuals.

As part of Our Year 2024, SPARK is being funded by Wakefield District Council to develop Wakefield curriculum resource kits for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 on the themes of sculpture, coal mining and the local environment.

We will coordinate the development of these kits by bringing together teachers, school leaders, artists and cultural organisations across the district to design, test and pilot resources that engage pupils in our rich culture, arts and heritage. These creative and cross-curricular resources will be freely available to all teachers on the Wakefield Traded Services site in Autumn 2024.

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