Spark Wakefield – Connecting Young People With Creativity

Wakefield’s Cultural Education Partnership – Sparking Creative Connections.

Connecting Young People With Creativity in Wakefield

SPARK is the Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) in Wakefield and is made up of a group of organisations and individuals working to ensure children and young people across the borough can enjoy, benefit from and progress in arts and culture.

SPARK aims, through collaboration with partners, for:

More children and young people to influence, take part and progress in a wider range of arts and cultural activity across Wakefield.

Improved visibility, quality and relevance of the arts and cultural offer for young people.

Improved health, wellbeing, creativity, resilience and aspirations of children and young people in and out of formal education.

SPARK collaborates to share ideas, resources and cultural assets to grow a quality cultural offer, in and out of school, for all children and young people in Wakefield.

Creative Learning at SPARK Wakefield

Creative Learning – Inspiring and supporting educators, children and young people through place-based learning, to engage with the rich cultural and artistic landscape within the Wakefield district.

The purpose of the creative learning working group is to champion and develop creative and cultural initiatives and activities for young people within education.

Creative Voices at SPARK Wakefield

SPARK’s Creative Paths strand is about developing and signposting creative pathways across the cultural and creative sector. Focusing on place-based learning to raise awareness, build skills, broaden aspirations, and widen horizons of local children and young people.

The aim of the Creative Paths Working Group is to raise awareness, promote and develop progressive creative and cultural pathways and opportunities accessible to all young people and schools in the Wakefield district.